Custom Mobile App


Getting a mobile app for your business has never been easier. We design it, create it, submit it to the app stores, and integrate it with other Promotle marketing services. Mobile Apps are the best way to keep your customers coming back to your business.

As the New York Times reported, “Smartphones and loyalty apps have begun offering small businesses enhanced program features and automated administration capabilities once affordable only to large companies… These capabilities also offer the equivalent of a real-world psychology lab for easily evaluating the effects of offerings and incentives on customer loyalty.”


Branded Guest Wifi (Coming Soon)

  • Guest Wi-Fi for 1 Access Point (AP)

  • Custom branding

  • Customizable guest login: capture demographics, social media contacts, email, etc.

  • Wi-Fi user profiling – Find out how accurate your expected target demographic is!

  • Linked to Promotle monthly marketing campaigns: across social media, email, text messaging, & more

  • Wi-Fi usage data breakdown

  • Mobile device optimized

  • Access control limits

  • Secure from business network

  • Each additional AP: + $9/mo.

    *Hardware & internet connectivity not included

Custom Animated Video

The most effective way to increase SEO and drive engagement for 2015 is with video. Animation videos are great for communicating your message without spending a ton of money on a whole cast and crew. Contact us to discuss more and we’ll get your project started! 

Add a Location

This is for franchise/ multi-location businesses. May include up to 2 unique social media/business listing sites or apps. Contact us to find out more.

Social Media Set Up

  • Set up across 3 platforms for social media &/or business listings

  • Includes two weeks’ content and images on social media

  • Includes submitting &/or correcting business info on targeted business listing sites/apps

  • Includes sharing (repurposing) customer content (reviews, images), if available

  • Includes one pre-recorded video training session, featuring the platform of your choice


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